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Mary Jane Watson

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Mary Jane Watson

Schau dir unsere Auswahl an mary jane watson an, um die tollsten einzigartigen oder spezialgefertigten handgemachten Stücke aus unseren Shops für drucke. Mary Jane Watson is attending Midtown High just like Peter Parker, where she is dating Harry Osborn while her best friend Liz Allen is dating Flash Thompson. MARY JANE WATSON Jeans Spider-Man Pin-Up Print Scott BlairArt, Art Prints.

Zendaya ist nicht Mary Jane: Wir klären die große Spider-Man-Verwirrung

Zwei Jahre ist es nun schon her, dass er seine grosse Liebe Mary Jane Watson zurücklassen musste, um als Spider-Man die Menschen zu beschützen. SPIDER-MAN. SPIDER-MAN AND MARY JANE WATSON 2-PACK. Toys R us Exclusive. 6 inch. Artikel ist vorauussichtlich ab Ende September verfügbar! Mary Jane "MJ" Watson ist eine fiktive Figur, die in amerikanischen Comics erscheint, die von Marvel Comics veröffentlicht werden. Die Figur wurde von Stan Lee und John Romita Sr. kreiert und trat zum ersten Mal in The Amazing Spider-Man # 25 auf.

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Mary Jane "MJ" Watson ist eine fiktive Figur, die in amerikanischen Comics erscheint, die von Marvel Comics veröffentlicht werden. Die Figur wurde von Stan Lee und John Romita Sr. kreiert und trat zum ersten Mal in The Amazing Spider-Man # 25 auf. Mary Jane Watson, kurz MJ, ist eine junge Frau und die Nachbarin von Peter Parker, in die dieser. Mary Jane Watson ist schon seit Ewigkeiten die Liebe von Peter Parker alias Spider-Man. Sie liebt. Peter Parker proposes to Mary Jane Watson Illustration, Bilder, Hintergrundbilder​, Fantasie. MJ moved back to the Big Apple and started Motogp Assen Tickets TV Star Wars Last Jedi career. Wearing a cloth version of Spider-Man's costume, Kraven hunted and killed criminals, even saving Mary Jane from one, although she easily saw through his disguise. It was also a chance for MJ to escape from the dual life of Peter Parker and Spider-Man. Ard Live Strem Paul Aug 23, That "universe" focuses on the Parkers' personal lives and Neue Corona Regeln villains rather than the superhero aspect, though several members of Schminke Fixieren classic "rogues gallery" still appear occasionally. At a field trip to Osborn Industries, Peter is bitten by a spider, which grants him powers. Backstreet Project Heroes for Hope How to Draw Comics Mary Jane Watson Marvel Way Just Imagine Furious, she runs away to an old factory but Peter Www.Lindenstrasse.De Vorschau her. Initially, she competed with others for Peter's affection, most prominently with Gwen Stacy and Flaked Staffel 3 Black Cat. Main enemies Black Knight Blizzard Count Nefaria Controller Crimson Dynamo Fin Fang Foom Firebrand Ghost Iron Monger Justin Hammer Living Are You Being Served Madame Masque Mandarin Melter MODOK Raiders Spymaster Zeke Stane Titanium Man Temugin Ultimo Unicorn Whiplash. Early issues of The Amazing Spider-Man featured a running joke about Peter dodging his Aunt May 's attempts to set him up with "that nice Watson girl next door", whom Peter had not yet met and assumed would not be his type, since his aunt liked her in the Parallel Lives graphic novel an identical scenario is shown between Mary Jane and her Aunt Anna. Peter Parker Mary Jane Watson Harry Osborn Norman Osborn. Pagina principale Ultime modifiche Una voce a caso Nelle vicinanze Vetrina Aiuto Sportello informazioni.

En effet, il connaissait ses parents et l'avait vu tout-petit. C'est la voisine de Peter. Peter est amoureux d'elle depuis qu'ils sont enfants.

Se rendant compte de ses sentiments pour Peter, elle les lui avoue puis l'embrasse. Elle se fait enlever par le D r Octopus. Peter et Mary-Jane finissent par s'embrasser.

Mary-Jane travaille comme serveuse dans un night club. Pour rendre celle-ci jalouse, Peter danse avec Gwen Stacy.

Devin Meenan Jun 23, Devin Meenan Jun 15, Devin Meenan May 27, Darby Harn Mar 30, Spider-Man: 10 Times Mary Jane Saved The Day Spider-Man is one of Marvel's most popular and successful heroes, but sometimes, it's his love interest Mary Jane that saves the day.

Ian Goodwillie Dec 11, Spider-Man: 10 Best Mary Jane Cosplays That Hit The Jackpot Mary Jane is nearly as iconic a character as Spider-Man himself, so check out these outstanding cosplays of Peter Parker's friend and partner.

Chris White Sep 21, Does Mary Jane Still Have A Place In The Marvel Universe? Gary Smith Aug 17, Marvel Unveils Mary Jane Watson June Variants The longtime Spider-Man character will slip into the costumes of numerous Marvel heroes as she graces their covers throughout the month.

Brandon Staley May 15, EXCLUSIVE: Mary Jane is Super on Marvel Comics Variant Covers Marvel celebrates the return of The Spectacular Spider-Man in June with a series of variants transforming Mary Jane Watson into different heroes.

Stephen Gerding Mar 20, In the storyline " Ends of the Earth ", Mary Jane purchases a nightclub. Mary Jane remains in the role of best friend and confidant to Peter until he begins to take an interest in her romantically again.

They begin dating again. Unknown to MJ, Peter has had his mind swapped by Otto Octavius. The real Peter Parker, trapped in his rival's dying body, breaks out of prison and attempts to switch back, only for his body to eventually give out on him before he can complete the procedure.

As a last resort, Peter downloads all of his memories and experiences into Octavius' mind, convincing his foe to develop some sense of responsibility.

In desperation and frustration, Octavius relives Peter's memories with MJ, which infuriates Peter. After one of Octavius' Spider-Bots detect Mary Jane in trouble and saves her from the Vulture gang, Mary Jane moves to kiss him, but Octavius, who has by now developed genuine feelings for her, rebuffs her, and breaks up with her, though vowing to continue to protect her.

Peter's mind is returned to his body, and informs Mary Jane that it was Octavius' mind in control of Peter's body for the past several months.

Mary Jane tells him that she knows Octavius' actions were not Peter's fault, but she cannot let his dual life affect her anymore.

She recognizes and admires the choices Peter has made in his life, but now she wants to build her own life, mostly thanks to the successes she has enjoyed with her nightclub and her new relationship with Ollie.

As part of the All-New, All-Different Marvel event, Mary Jane Watson is in Chicago, Illinois hosting the opening of her newest nightclub Jackpot.

Mary Jane had opened this nightclub after MJ's got destroyed during a superhero battle. When a Belhilio is quickly killed by an energy blast from Madame Masque, people start to run away as Iron Man and Doctor Doom arrive to confront her.

Three days later, Iron Man approaches Mary Jane Watson in Grant Park while she is mourning the loss of her club and offers her a job working for him.

Before Tony becomes Iron Man and flies to Tokyo, Mary Jane gives Tony the emergency number for Peter Parker. Mary Jane claims to the Board of Directors that she is the new executive administrator, and she and F.

In the Amazing Spider-Man series, it is revealed that she has eventually accepted Tony's employment offer when she and Tony attend a Parker Industry event, making Peter very uncomfortable.

Later, she catches up with Betty Brant and Harry Osborn, and the three discover that businessman Augustus Roman is actually the powerful being known as Regent who is imprisoning heroes and villains to add to his own strength.

Spider-Man and Iron Man try to stop Regent, but are defeated due to Regent's overwhelming power. With few options left, Mary Jane dons Peter's Iron Spider armor and uses her experience in Iron Man's suit and her brief spider powers in Spider-Island to assist Peter and Tony in battling Regent.

During the fight, Mary Jane and Tony distract Regent long enough for Peter, Harry, and Miles Morales to release the rest of the prisoners.

Mary Jane's attitude towards Peter during her time with him reminds Peter not to let his work take priority over his loved ones.

Spider-Man warns Tony not to take Mary Jane for granted as Peter did not realize he lost Mary Jane until after she moved on. After " Civil War II ", Tony was put into a comatose state and his body went missing due to his own covert machinations.

Mary Jane along with Riri Williams and Amanda Armstrong went on a search for him, and it was not until F. However, Tony was continually complicating the search by sending them to other locations, believing he needed his privacy until he was finally ready.

After Peter's company went belly up, and he got a new career as the Daily Bugle's science editor, Mary Jane started being more supportive of Peter getting his life back on track.

After a less than stellar Alchemax demonstration, Mary Jane and Peter started being more romantically involved, but as Peter still wore his Spider-Man suit, Mary Jane was conflicted: she wanted Peter to stop being Spider-Man but people really counted on him and she did not want to be the one to do that.

She has Peter exit her apartment as Spider-Man so if anyone sees they will just think she was talking with him because she knows Stark.

After Norman Osborn becomes the Red Goblin, MJ received a warning from Peter and adjusted Stark Tower's defences against a Symbiote intruder.

However, because Venom arrived before Red Goblin, the defenses only injured Venom and had no effect on the Red Goblin.

Surviving with minor injuries after a short skirmish, MJ urged Peter to absorb the Venom Symbiote, which would give him the edge to stop his arch-enemy.

She, along with others attacked by Red Goblin, were cured of his Carnage spikes by Flash Thompson with the Anti-Venom symbiote.

As part of the Fresh Start relaunch event, Peter's personal life took serious knocks in both his civilian and heroic life: his doctorate was determined to be based on plagiarized work due to him having received the doctorate when Doctor Octopus was controlling his body and the scientist used his own work which led to him being fired from the Bugle , while the Kingpin tried to separate Spider-Man from other heroes by making him the only vigilante he would accept in the new anti-vigilante New York.

However, his personal life picked up when he began reconnecting with Mary Jane more regularly and they talked about recent events.

Finally, Peter told Mary Jane that he needed her in his life once again, prompting Mary Jane to decide on a "fresh start" and resume her relationship with him one more time.

As she and Peter resume dating, Mary Jane is encouraged by a returning Carlie Cooper to join a special support unit for associates, friends and partners of superheroes run by Jarvis called The Look Ups.

Afterwards, Jarvis compliments Mary Jane and tells her she is indispensable. MJ lets Peter know this when they spend the night together shortly after Peter's battle with the Thieves Guild.

Peter admits to Mary Jane that he revealed his secret identity once more to Felicia Hardy, but Mary Jane tells him that she is not envious of this and understands.

After Peter's return as a college student, Mary Jane joined him for a dinner visit with the Connors family, as Peter and Curt discussed Peter's being Curt's teacher assistant job offer.

While Peter was reluctant to take the offer, Mary Jane tried to argue he take it, as the chance could help him going forward.

After waking up, she tripped on Peter's dropped clothing and broke a window, and as she was cleaning herself up Peter returned in his black suit courtesy of Kraven in a rushed panic believing some terrible had befallen her, but Mary Jane assured him that she was safe.

While attending a play with Carlie Cooper Peter missing the planned date as he attempts to find the missing Curt Connors , Mary Jane gets unwittingly involved in an attack by the new Electro, who takes the lead actress hostage and attempts to ransom her online, only to change plans due to the low response to finding out how many people would pay to kill her.

After Carlie causes a distraction, Mary Jane is able to switch places with the actress and trick Electro into a trap that knocks the villain out.

The subsequent popularity of Mary Jane's speech prompts new public interest in her former acting career, to the point that her old agent calls her about new offers.

Mary Jane accepts one of these new offers, and with Peter's encouragement and support, heads off for a two-month stint in Hollywood filming a new movie.

Peter had hoped to accompany Mary Jane to the airport, but he was forced to cancel those plans to help out his sister Teresa Parker.

By the time Peter's mission had concluded, MJ had departed. The two would have a conversation by phone later that evening where Mary Jane assured Peter she understood why he couldn't take her to the airport and gives him all her love.

It is revealed Peter had intended to propose to Mary Jane again had he been able to see her off. Soon after filming started, Mary Jane disovered Mysterio's disguise as the movie's producer, who swore to her that this project was supposed to be an authentic depiction of his life.

The Amazing Spider-Man: The Daily Comic Strip As a major character in the comic strip version of The Amazing Spider-Man , Mary Jane is currently married to Peter Parker.

That "universe" focuses on the Parkers' personal lives and real-world villains rather than the superhero aspect, though several members of the classic "rogues gallery" still appear occasionally.

In years past, Mary Jane's character constantly needed saving by Spider-Man. This resulted in a complaint by a reader that saw the strip dropped by the Toronto Star in the late '70s and early '80s.

Mary Jane being in constant danger is often because she has risked her life to save Peter by joining in his battles, facing off against Doctor Doom , Morbius , Sabretooth.

Peter and MJ remain happily married despite all of these obstacles. MJ has also covered for Peter by taking photographs of his battles.

After taking a photo of Sabretooth, Peter suggested they share the credit for the photo, but MJ refused, insisting she was "just an actress".

Recently, Mary Jane's successful stint with her Broadway play "Picture Perfect", has given her and Peter financial stability, though Peter occasionally displays personal jealousy of MJ making more money, a fact MJ has teased him about whenever he contemplates quitting his regular job as a photographer, forcing him to reconsider to soothe his competitive ego.

Despite these hang-ups, Peter continues to supports his wife's job and ambitions unconditionally. The Parkers at one point discussed moving into a new house using the revenue she was earning from the play, but nothing so far has come of those plans.

Mary Jane's play was eventually forced to temporarily close due to the theater needing much-needed maintenance. Producers of an old direct-to-video movie MJ starred in called Marvella eventually contacted her and offered her a contract to reprise her role, with a three-month filming schedule in New York.

The filming brought her and Peter into conflict with Peter's old foe Mysterio. During the Spider-Verse event, the pair were visited by Morlun.

Despite Morlun being a match for Peter's strength, MJ valiantly stands up to the intruder and encourages her husband. Due to the temporal instability affecting this reality, Morlun quickly realizes it will take weeks to accomplish a simple feat.

The Master Weaver of the Inheritors then pulls him out of the reality, and privately elects to rebel against his masters, preserving this universe within a pocket dimension and safe from any further Inheritor attacks.

This action also prevents this universe from being affected by the reality-shattering events of Secret Wars , and thus it does not form a part of the patchwork planet Battleworld.

During production of Marvella II , a brainwashed Harry Osborn, in the guise of The Hobgoblin, attacked her and Peter.

The Black Widow, Natasha Romanov offered to serve as MJ's bodyguard for the duration of filming, but Mary Jane grew envious of the Black Widow spending time investigating Harry with her husband.

Eventually Harry was stopped and Natasha made it clear to Mary Jane she had no interest in Peter romantically. Following adventures in which she was pursued romantically by Sub-Mariner and Xanadu , Mary Jane learned that Marvella II had been given a theatrical release, and that she was to commence a publicity tour across the nation.

She and Peter journeyed to Los Angeles by car, stopping in New Mexico along the way to team with Rocket Raccoon against the likes of Ronan the Accuser and a Kree sentry.

Peter and MJ briefly part ways when Peter decides to attend his Aunt's wedding to the Mole Man, while MJ moves forward with the tour.

After an adventure with Mole Man who calls off the wedding to rule over his people once more , Peter reunites with MJ in Florida where they help Bruce Banner battle The Lizard.

MJ resumes her tour while Peter returns to New York. During a battle with The Kingpin, Mary Jane's theatre is destroyed by a helicopter crash.

MJ catches wind of this on the news, but is not angry with Peter. She returns home and tells Peter Marvella II was not received well critically and is projected to bomb.

She suggests she and Peter spend time in Australia until her play can be moved to a new theatre venue. When Peter was taken over by The Purple Man , Mary Jane teamed up with Luke Cage to free him.

Afterwards, Peter and MJ headed off to Australia, at which point the newspaper strip concluded. Following on from the events of Secret Wars , where deadly incursions have laid waste to most of the multiverse, Battleworld, a planet composed of the remains of alternate realities, is created by Doctor Doom and Doctor Strange , with each reality on the world divided into different domains.

In this domain called the Regency, Mary Jane is married to Peter and they have a daughter named Annie May Parker.

Spider-Man is seemingly the only hero left in the domain after the powerful Regent Augustus Roman kills the Avengers and establishes himself as ruler of the domain, with Peter opting to retire as Spider-Man to raise Annie and live up to his vows as a father.

Peter didn't fight Regent initially to protect his family from Venom and ends up killing Eddie Brock in the process at Mary Jane's request.

Eight years later, Mary Jane is still struggling as an actress, while her husband is forced to make money off of photos he cannot publish for fear of making The Regent's forces look bad.

Mary Jane takes Annie to school and instructs her not to reveal her powers in public even if the situation calls for it. However, they are forced to confront Regent eventually and stand their ground with some of the remaining heroes.

After Annie gains a costume and assists her father in combat, Mary Jane obtains armor that acts similarly to Regent's tech which drained the powers of heroes to make him stronger in order to assist her family.

She and Peter defeat the tyrant and resume their peaceful family life with Annie. In the follow-up series, Mary-Jane uses a modified version of the armor she used in the fight against Regent, which now replicates Spider-Man's powers and allows her to assist her family as Spinneret.

However, every time she taps into Peter's powers, it weakens him significantly. She now operates her own clothing store in addition to being a mother and superhero.

In an attempt to spare Peter from this, Mary Jane learns of a bio-enhanced suit in the possession of old family friend Liz Allan, and acquires it from her.

However, the suit is revealed to be the Venom symbiote , which briefly attempts to take control of Mary Jane and use her against Peter, attempting to gain revenge for Peter killing Eddie Brock.

Peter uses the Regent tech to weaken the symbiote, allowing Mary Jane to retaliate and bring the symbiote under her control.

The symbiote is eventually destroyed in their final battle with the Green Goblin and she continues raising Annie into her teenage years, designing a new costume for her older daughter in the process.

It's implied that the Peter, Mary Jane, and Regent retain memories of their counterparts from this Battleworld. The Parker family of this world finally meet the Peter Parker of Earth in the event Spider-Geddon.

Peter suggests they look after the now infant and helpless Inheritors, but the Parkers stress to him that taking care of one kid is enough.

In this reality, Mary Jane ended up getting a severe disease instead of superhuman abilities when the Terrigen Mists unlocked the Celestial Seed inside of Humanity.

She died shortly afterward, but later reappeared as an illusion cast by the Spiders-Man to Peter. She also took care of a younger version of May, who would be bonded with the a symbiote in a few years time.

In Exiles , Mary Jane is Spider-Woman , a member of the Avengers. Mary Jane is a lesbian who fell in love with the reality-hopping Mariko Yashida, the ill-fated Exiles member Sunfire.

The two enjoy a romantic relationship, albeit one interrupted by Sunfire's dimensional jumping responsibilities. The main threat these Avengers face is Phalanx-versions of most of their friends and millions of innocent humans.

They resolve to enjoy whatever time they have left, which ends when dimensional energies snatch Sunfire away again during an almost shared bath.

The House of M crossover series version of Mary Jane is a world-famous actress, and she is one of the few humans that the mutant population likes.

She has co-starred in movies with Spider-Man, who has led the mutant population to believe that he is a mutant, when in fact he is not.

In her latest movie, she plays Spider-Man's real-life wife, Gwen Stacy. In the Marvel Mangaverse , Mary Jane Watson is Spider-Woman , a new initiate into the Spider-clan of ninjas , with her boyfriend Peter Parker showing her the ropes.

They are also among the last surviving heroes at the end of the series. Marvel , an eight-issue limited series set in the Elizabethan era , was published in Its popularity led to the publication of two sequels: New World and Spider-Man: The character of Marion Jane Watsonne is introduced in Spider-Man: 3.

The Watsonne family are a theatrical troupe, originally from the same village in Scotland as Peter Parquagh. Marion, an actress, must pose as a boy in England, because women are not allowed on the stage.

In France, where Peter sees her, she is under no such restrictions. Marion encounters Peter when he saves the life of her brother, Graeme.

After a brief stint as the troupe's acrobat, Peter is kidnapped by Baron Octavius this reality's version of Doctor Octopus. When he escapes, he discovers the troupe has been hired by Octavius and moved to Vienna.

With her family locked in the dungeon and herself being used as bait to lure Peter into a trap, Marion and Peter are reunited.

After a violent battle with several versions of the Green Goblin , the Lizard , and Bullseye , the two find happiness with each other and presumably wed, but Peter is eventually killed by Morlun.

On a final note, a preserved sample of Peter's blood is found years later and becomes the basis for the Super-Soldier formula that would create Captain America.

In Marvel Zombies , an infected Peter Parker arrives home to save Mary Jane and Aunt May but he loses control and eats them instead. After he has eaten, Peter is consumed by the guilt and grief of what he has done to the last two people who ever loved him, refusing to take off his mask so he won't have to look himself in the eyes again.

This guilt is a major plot point. Marvel Zombies Return: Spider-Man reveals that MJ was zombified after Peter ate her. She reappears in an alternative reality and is later seen being eaten by a zombified Sinister Six that the original zombie Spider-Man accidentally created when he succumbed to his hunger while trying to stop his enemies.

In the MC2 universe, which depicts an alternative future timeline for the Marvel Universe , Mary Jane remains married to Peter Parker.

Peter's original clone Kaine reunited Mary Jane with her baby daughter in this continuity. Kaine had found the child living with agents of Norman Osborn.

Mary Jane's daughter became Spider-Girl , alias May "Mayday" Parker. Many years later, after a complicated pregnancy, Mary Jane would give birth to a baby son, Benjamin.

She is a respected fashion designer and businesswoman, secretly opening a store selling Spider-Girl related merchandise to pay for May's and Ben's educations.

She has recently become a guidance counselor at May's school, where she learns of the anti-mutant group Humanity First. She also becomes a mother figure to April Parker , the unstable symbiotic clone of Mayday for a time.

While caring for Baby May, Alison Mongraine became quite attached to the girl. Because of this, she returns years later to make contact with May.

May and Mary Jane forgive Alison, who sincerely regrets her crime and loves the girl like her own child. During the Spider-Verse event, the Parkers come under attack from Daeomos, brother to Morlun , and a member of a powerful dimension-hopping family of parasites called Inheritors, who, like Morlun, feed on the animal totems of the living.

As Daemos brings the Parker home crashing down around them, Mary Jane hands over Baby Benjamin to her daughter and instructs her to keep him safe, while she elects to stay behind and assist her husband in delaying the Inheritor.

Mary Jane is heard to scream off-panel as Mayday evacuates the house with her brother. Peter is shown to have perished at Daemos' hand.

Mayday is saved by other Spider-Men from alternate realitys who have been trying to rescue as many Spiders as possible from the Inheritors, and she vows to kill Daemos and avenge her fallen family.

It is later revealed Benjy is the "scion" sought after by the Inheritors who will play a major part in a prophecy that will lead to their defeat.

Ultimately, Baby Benjy is rescued and Mayday instead shows mercy to the Inheritors when she is presented with an opportunity to slay that family's own father, Solus.

When Mayday returns to her home dimension, she discovers Mary Jane and her boyfriend Wes are alive, MJ having managed to pull Wes out of the house before it collapsed.

MJ confirms to Mayday that her husband is dead but that he would be glad to know his family are safe and sound. MJ suggests Mayday wear her father's costume in his honor.

Dopo che spararono a zia May mandandola in coma irreversibile , Mary Jane e Peter decidono di rinunciare al loro amore e al loro matrimonio in cambio della vita di May, stringendo un patto con il demone Mefisto.

Dopo aver ricevuto poteri ragneschi mentre gli altri cittadini si trasformavano in ragni giganti, ha aiutato la resistenza a combattere gli aracnidi e difendere l'Empire State Building, mentre Spider-Man stava usando il casco del Dottor Octopus come antenna per diffondere la cura con gli Octbot.

In seguito, Peter l'ha curata dal virus. Mary Jane non si rende conto che il Dottor Octopus ha preso il controllo del corpo di Peter; tuttavia nota in lui alcuni tratti del carattere dello scienziato.

Successivamente, il locale di Mary Jane viene incendiato da Re Goblin, e lei, con sua grande delusione, viene salvata da un pompiere di nome Pedro, invece che da Peter.

Mary Jane dopo averlo trovato, pretende una spiegazione sul suo comportamento. In risposta Octopus si trasforma in Superior Venom e la minaccia di morte.

Dopo essere stato liberato, Octopus si scusa per il suo comportamento e i due si riconciliano. In seguito, Peter rivela a Mary Jane che il dottor Octopus aveva preso il controllo del suo corpo.

Mary Jane crede a Peter ma sceglie di uscire dalla sua vita, come Carlie Cooper , per evitare ancora una volta di essere un bersaglio dei nemici dell'Uomo Ragno.

Successivamente Tony le offre un lavoro come sua assistente personale e lei accetta. Alla fine della saga viene curata da Mister Fantastic e si rimette con Peter.

Durante l'attacco di Goblin a casa di Peter aiuta l'amato investendo Goblin con un camion; tuttavia, non riuscendo a ucciderlo, viene allontanata da Peter.

Mary Jane assiste allo scontro in cui Spider-Man muore sconfiggendo Goblin.

Mary Jane "MJ" Watson is a fictional character appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics and created by Stan Lee and John Romita Sr. The character made her first appearance in The Amazing Spider-Man # Since then she has gone on to become Spider-Man 's main love interest and later his wife. Mary Jane Watson, often shortened to MJ, is the deuteragonist of the Raimi Spider-Man Series. She is a character that first appeared in Marvel comic books created by writer Stan Lee and artist John Romita, Sr. in She was played by Kirsten Dunst in all three films in the Raimi Spider-Man Trilogy between and "Mary Jane Watson" Prime Marvel Universe. Hitomi Sakuma Japanese Spider-Man series (Earth) Mary Jane Watson (Clone) s X-Men and Spider-Man cartoons. Mary Jane Watson, or simply MJ, is a beautiful woman who is commonly seen dating Peter Parker. Mary Jane Watson, or simply known as MJ is a beautiful woman and the love of Peter Parker 's life.

Elliot, denn da haben sich Implore doch niemand Geringeres als At The Gates Frontmann Tomas Lindberg Mary Jane Watson geholt. - Die bunte Comic, Film und Musik Welt

Keine Geringere als Die Bestimmung-Star Shailene Woodley spielte MJ in The Amazing Spider-Man 2: Rise of Electrodas Material hat es allerdings German Big Ass in den fertigen Film geschafft. Ihr Warenkorb wurde nun mit diesen Artikeln ergänzt. Ein Nono Teletubbies Widersacher taucht auf: Der raffinierte Otto Octavius, der als manischer? Comics, Cartoons, Karikaturen. Coronavirus: Vorübergehende Filialschliessungen bis zum 7/15/ · Mary Jane Watson, detta anche MJ, è un personaggio dei fumetti Marvel Comics, creato da Stan Lee (testi) e John Romita Sr. (disegni), che ha fatto la sua prima apparizione sul numero 42 di Amazing Spider-Man (novembre ), prima edizione in italiano L'Uomo Ragno n. 35, prima serie, Editoriale Corno, agosto In realtà il personaggio, disegnato da Steve .

Absturz Eurofighter Serie 100 Fertigmontageset Mary Jane Watson Unterputzthermostat mit 3-Wege-Umsteller Ca. - Schon gewusst? Shailene Woodley spielte die letzte Mary Jane

Transformers Prime viel hat die Figur mit der Mary Jane von Kirsten Dunst gemein?
Mary Jane Watson


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