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Djatlov Pass

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Und das Beste: Du musst nichts weiter machen, der sein eigenes Leben und Erleben stets zu einem allgemeingltigen Kunstwerk komprimiert. kann beantwortet werden, weil sie ihn mit Leon betrogen hat und von ihm Mutter wird! Die Einwilligung in den Newsletter-Versand knnen Sie gem Art.

Djatlov Pass

DJATLOV PASS - Die Rückkehr zum Berg des Todes: Horror-Thriller: Moncrieff, J. H.: Als Unglück am Djatlow-Pass wird der ungeklärte Tod von neun Ski-Wanderern im nördlichen Ural in der Sowjetunion, im Gebiet zwischen der Republik Komi und der Oblast Swerdlowsk im Jahr bezeichnet. Sie starben in der Nacht vom 1. auf den 2. Als Unglück am Djatlow-Pass (russisch Гибель тургруппы Дятлова) wird der ungeklärte Tod von neun Ski-Wanderern im nördlichen Ural in der Sowjetunion, im.

DJATLOV PASS - Die Rückkehr zum Berg des Tode‪s‬

brachen neun russische Studenten zu einer Ski-Expedition in den Ural auf. Wochen später fand man ihre Leichen, auf grausamste Art verstümmelt. DJATLOV PASS - Die Rückkehr zum Berg des Todes: Horror-Thriller: Moncrieff, J. H.: DJATLOV PASS - Die Rückkehr zum Berg des Todes von J. H. Moncrieff - Buch aus der Kategorie Krimis, Thriller & Horror günstig und portofrei bestellen im.

Djatlov Pass Inhaltsverzeichnis Video

The Dyatlov Pass Case

Djatlov Pass We are talking about one of the most mysterious secrets of the Urals - the death of Dyatlov group in February However, no less terrible story happened 20 years ago in Buryatia, on the Hamar-Daban pass. In , near the peak of the Retranslyator (Mt Tritrans), almost an entire hiking group perished. 5/21/ · Teodora Hadjiyska/Dyatlov Pass website A group photo of the hikers from the Dyatlov Pass Incident with another group they encountered, the Blinovs, on their journey to Mount Otorten. On Jan. 23, , Igor Dyatlov led nine other hikers on a journey through the slopes of Kholat Syakhl in the Ural Mountains, which are known for their rough terrain and brutal Natasha Ishak. 11/21/ · The Dyatlov Pass Incident This is the story about 9 ski hiker deaths that happened in the northersn Ural Mountains in Russia on the night of February 2, This incident happened on the east shoulder of Kholat Syakhl Mountain (meaning Mountain of the Dead). Specifically, it was in a pass known as Dyatlov Pass. . Als Unglück am Djatlow-Pass wird der ungeklärte Tod von neun Ski-Wanderern im nördlichen Ural in der Sowjetunion, im Gebiet zwischen der Republik Komi und der Oblast Swerdlowsk im Jahr bezeichnet. Sie starben in der Nacht vom 1. auf den 2. Als Unglück am Djatlow-Pass (russisch Гибель тургруппы Дятлова) wird der ungeklärte Tod von neun Ski-Wanderern im nördlichen Ural in der Sowjetunion, im. DJATLOV PASS - Die Rückkehr zum Berg des Todes: Horrorthriller eBook: Moncrieff, J.H., Lohse, Tina: Kindle-Shop. Bücher bei Weltbild: Jetzt DJATLOV PASS - Die Rückkehr zum Berg des Todes von J. H. Moncrieff versandkostenfrei bestellen bei Weltbild, Ihrem. Some are found far away. Mar 8. Den and bodies of Dubinina, Kolevatov, Thibeaux-Brignolle After Trailer Zolotaryov are found by Askinadzi.
Djatlov Pass

Here, the search party found the group's belongings, including the cameras which contained the final photos leading up to the incident.

The tent itself was in shambles and there were no signs of any of the hikers. As the situation grew more serious, law enforcement got involved.

The tent appeared to have been cut open from the inside. Meanwhile, eight or nine sets of footprints, seemingly made by bare feet without any socks or shoes on, were also found around the campsite.

The footprints led to the edge of the nearby woods about a mile away from the tent. The first bodies of the group were found about a week after the tent was first discovered.

They were Krivonischenko, 23, and Doroshenko, 21, who were both underneath a cedar tree. They were surrounded by remnants of a fire, not too far from the destroyed campsite.

Doroshenko's body was "brown-purple" and he had gray foam coming from his right cheek and gray liquid coming from his mouth.

Then investigators then found the next three bodies, those belonging to Dyatlov, 23, Kolmogorova, 22, and Slobodin, Some of the bodies were even found without shoes and wearing only underwear.

The rest of the group wasn't discovered until a couple of months later after much of the mountain's snow had thawed.

Thibeaux-Brignolles, 23, Dubinina, 20, and Zolotaryov, 38, were found inside a ravine feet deep in the woods. These three had the most clothing of all the hikers, even wearing each other's items.

Investigators thought this meant they had gone back to their dead friends and taken their clothes for warmth. But why not just go back to the campsite?

Russian National Archives Zinaida Kolmogorova, found buried in the snow. The 4 crazed ones were the ones found in the ravine under the snow.

The others were the ones who had gone looking for their crazed friends and most likely having no clue why they went nutts.

These 6 who were searching for their crazed friends most likely succumbed to hypothermia quickly and died.

And the crazed 4 were either already dead or dying as well at the same time. Fact is, cold can KILL and it can kill rather quickly especially if you have no sufficient clothing on and are sweating.

There is no indication of this in the reports from the time, however. Most likely, I think, it was the effects of this infrasound phenomena that cause hysteria in the camp that night and that lead to the death of all 9 people, saldy.

What were they? What other campers and villagers were reporting that night were glowing orbs which may or may not have been UFOs. In fact, they may have been something very natural in the region.

Some pilots flew right through them and nothing happened. Some planes were effected by these phenomena and had instument and engine trouble and others did not.

Glowing orbs! Another case in point. Obviviously, they were too big to be fire flies. The fact is there are all kinds of glowing orbs that have been observed by people all over the world.

Some of them may be but NOT all of them. Some are natural occuring phenomena IMO. Is this what the people were seeing in the Urals on the night of February 2, ?

Let me conclude by telling you a little incident of my own I had years ago with a glowing orb. I was out in the midst of nowhere with some people who had reported UFO to me in the night.

For about 30 minutes we sat atop a hilll watching dancing lights rising into the air and falling to the ground in the distance. Suddenly one of these lights came closer to us and we all walked down off of the hill and into the rocky valley below.

As we were walking we saw the light shoot a smaller light out of it. The smaller light went northward low on the horizon and disappeared, so we thought.

When we got to the edge of the valley the little light came around a rocky corner and scared the hell out of all of us, me included.

It was a firery orb no doubt about it!! In this case, yes, I think that is exactly what it was and it was clear that it was being operated by intelligence.

What happened to the Dyatlov Party was very unfortunate and I think the best possible explanaton is infrasound phenomenon.

There is no evidence to suggest anything else IMO including an avalanche. CASE SOLVED! Here is the Ancient Aliens show that talked about this tragedy:.

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He was fascinated by the infamous incident and what may have caused it, but was understandably wary of tackling the question solo. Johan Gaume , head of the Snow Avalanche Simulation Laboratory at EPFL, another Swiss federal technical institute in Lausanne, got to know Puzrin around the time of the Russian inquiry into what happened at Dyatlov Pass.

The shallow slope argument against an avalanche was tackled early on: It turned out not to be all that shallow after all.

The undulating topography on Kholat Saykhl, covered by snowfall, made the slope appear mild, but it was actually closer to 30 degrees, the rule-of-thumb minimum requirement for many avalanches.

Then there was the question of the snow mass: The cut the team made in the snow to pitch their tent destabilized the slope, but additional snow had to have collected before any avalanche could happen.

These were likely to be katabatic winds —heavy clumps of frigid air that brought large amounts of snow from higher up down toward the campsite, increasing the load on an already precarious slope and explaining the nine-hour delay between the snow cut and the avalanche.

The small size explains why no evidence for an avalanche was found during the initial investigation; it would have infilled the cut-out campsite before being quickly buried by fresh snowfall.

But how could such a small collapse have caused such traumatic injuries? The files were sent to a secret archive.

In , it was revealed that the negatives from Krivonischenko's camera were kept in the private archive of one of the investigators, Lev Ivanov.

The film material was donated by Ivanov's daughter to the Dyatlov Foundation. The diaries of the hiking party fell into Russia's public domain in On 12 April , Zolotarev's remains were exhumed on the initiative of journalists of the Russian tabloid newspaper Komsomolskaya Pravda.

Contradictory results were obtained: one of the experts said that the character of the injuries resembled a person knocked down by a car, and the DNA analysis did not reveal any similarity to the DNA of living relatives.

In addition, it turned out that Zolotarev's name was not on the list of those buried at the Ivanovskoye cemetery.

Nevertheless, the reconstruction of the face from the exhumed skull matched postwar photographs of Zolotarev, although journalists expressed suspicions that another person was hiding under Zolotarev's name after World War II.

In February , Russian authorities reopened the investigation into the incident, although only three possible explanations were being considered: an avalanche, a slab avalanche , or a hurricane.

The possibility of a crime had been discounted. Indeed, many of those who had remained silent for thirty years reported new facts about the accident.

In , he published an article that included his admission that the investigation team had no rational explanation for the incident.

He also stated that, after his team reported that they had seen flying spheres, he then received direct orders from high-ranking regional officials to dismiss this claim.

The narrative line of the book details the everyday life and thoughts of a modern woman an alter ego of the author herself who attempts to resolve the case.

Despite its fictional narrative, Matveyeva's book remains the largest source of documentary materials ever made available to the public regarding the incident.

Also, the pages of the case files and other documentaries in photocopies and transcripts are gradually being published on a web forum for enthusiastic researchers.

The foundation's stated aim is to continue investigation of the case and to maintain the Dyatlov Museum to preserve the memory of the dead hikers.

On July 11 , Andrey Kuryakov, deputy head of the Urals Federal District directorate of the Prosecutor-General 's Office, announced an avalanche to be the "official cause of death" for the Dyatlov group in Reviewing the sensationalist " Yeti " hypothesis see below , American skeptic author Benjamin Radford suggests an avalanche as more plausible:.

They were poorly clothed because they had been sleeping, and ran to the safety of the nearby woods where trees would help slow oncoming snow.

In the darkness of night, they got separated into two or three groups; one group made a fire hence the burned hands while the others tried to return to the tent to recover their clothing since the danger had passed.

But it was too cold, and they all froze to death before they could locate their tent in the darkness. At some point, some of the clothes may have been recovered or swapped from the dead, but at any rate, the group of four whose bodies was most severely damaged were caught in an avalanche and buried under 4 meters 13 ft of snow more than enough to account for the 'compelling natural force' the medical examiner described.

Dubinina's tongue was likely removed by scavengers and ordinary predation. Evidence contradicting the avalanche theory includes: [42] [43].

A review of the investigation's evidence completed in — by experienced investigators from the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation ICRF on request of the families confirmed the avalanche with several important details added.

These factors weren't considered by the investigators who arrived at the scene of the accident three weeks later when the weather had much improved and any remains of the snow slide had settled and been covered with fresh snowfall.

The harsh weather at the same time played a critical role in the events of the tragic night, which have been reconstructed as follows: [44] [45]. According to the ICRF investigators, the factors contributing to the tragedy were extremely bad weather and lack of experience of the group leader in such conditions, which led to the selection of a dangerous camping place.

Die Verletzungen von Dubinina, Solotarew und Tibo-Brinjol seien durch den Druck der Schneemassen zu erklären. Die anderen, unversehrt gebliebenen Wanderer hätten das Zelt zerschnitten, um sich und ihre verletzten Freunde zu befreien.

Gegen diese Theorie wurde unter anderem eingewandt, dass es keine Spuren eines Lawinenabgangs gegeben habe. Eine weitere Theorie lautet, dass die Skiwanderer versehentlich in ein inoffizielles militärisches Übungsgelände eingedrungen und Opfer eines Kernwaffentests oder anderer Übungsmanöver geworden sein könnten.

Auf Satellitenbildern hat er Anzeichen für einen solchen Einschlag in der Nähe des Fundorts der Leichen entdeckt.

Degterew führt aber auch die Möglichkeit eines nahen Meteoriteneinschlags an. Die gesichteten Leuchtkugelerscheinungen, in Verbindung mit einem rätselhaften Foto aus Kriwonischtschenkos Kamera sowie dem Gerücht, der KGB habe jegliche Erwähnung von UFOs untersagt, nährten UFO-Theorien.

Einige Autoren vermuten einen geheimdienstlichen Hintergrund. Sie zwangen die Mitglieder der Gruppe mit Gewalt, sich auszuziehen, damit diese bald den Kältetod fänden.

Allerdings hielten es einige wider Erwarten noch einige Zeit aus, und so wurden diese mit grober Gewalt getötet. Der KGB wollte bei dem Fall vor allem wissen, ob die Übergabe geklappt habe.

Danach wurden die Akten geschlossen. Drei hohe KGB-Offiziere wurden im folgenden Jahr degradiert. Möglicherweise waren es diejenigen, die für diese gescheiterte Operation verantwortlich waren.

Eine Theorie des Autors zu parawissenschaftlichen Themen Alexander Popoff [69] besagt, dass die Tourengeher durch atmosphärische Elektrizität Winterblitze getötet wurden.

Der US-amerikanische Dokumentarfilmer Donnie Eichar zog die Möglichkeit einer im Zelt um sich greifenden Panik in Betracht.

Jarowoi war an der Suche nach der Gruppe beteiligt gewesen sowie Fotograf bei der Suchkampagne und der Untersuchung. Da das Buch während der Sowjetära geschrieben wurde, wurden die Details des Unglücks unter Verschluss gehalten, und Jarowoi vermied es, irgendetwas zu veröffentlichen, was nicht der offiziellen Position entsprach.

Das Buch romantisiert das Unglück und hat ein viel optimistischeres Ende als die wahren Begebenheiten — nur der Gruppenführer wird tot aufgefunden.

Kollegen von Jarowoi sagten, er habe zwei weitere Versionen des Romans verfasst, die beide der Zensur zum Opfer gefallen seien.

Einige Details der Tragödie wurden durch Artikel in Swerdlowsks regionaler Presse öffentlich. Einer der ersten Autoren war Anatoli Guschtschin.

Er berichtete, dass die Polizei ihm eine besondere Genehmigung erteilt gehabt hätte, damit er die originalen Akten der Untersuchung studieren und die Ergebnisse veröffentlichen konnte.

Zur selben Zeit wurden inoffizielle Fotokopien der Akte unter Nachforschern verbreitet. Einer von ihnen war der ehemalige Milizionär Lew Iwanow, der die offizielle Untersuchung geleitet hatte.

Im Jahr veröffentlichte er einen Artikel [73] mit dem Eingeständnis, dass das Untersuchungsteam keine rationale Erklärung für den Vorfall gehabt habe.

Iwanow persönlich glaubt an eine paranormale Erklärung, insbesondere UFOs. Ab produzierte ein regionaler Fernsehsender mehrere Dokumentarfilme zum Geschehen.

Das Buch handelt von einer Frau, die versucht, das Unglück am Djatlow-Pass aufzuklären. Mit Unterstützung der Staatlichen Technischen Universität des Uralgebiets in Jekaterinburg wurde eine Djatlow-Stiftung gegründet.

Geleitet wird sie von Juri Kunzewitsch, einem engen Freund von Igor Djatlow und Mitglied des Suchteams. Die Stiftung versucht, die russischen Behörden dazu zu bewegen, den Fall wieder zu öffnen.

The sources for this article are Galina Sazonova and Komsomolskaya Pravda documentary "Dyatlov Pass. End of Story? Was the criminal case fake?

Leonid Proshkin, prominent lawyer and former criminal investigation prosecutor is asking the questions. This is what he remembers.

The court refused to reopen the case. An appeal has been filed. Interview with Akselrod. Do you know what shocked me most in this story?

Map animation by Simon Skeptic. New 3D rendering of the scene on Kholat Syakhl by Simon Skeptic.

The map is available in German as well. You can discuss this video in the forum. Aleksei Rakitin translated in German.

This site is in English, but fans are so excited about the brand spanking new book in German that I was compelled to announce it here. I am aware that every theory has it's own mistakes and also this author will have some misinterpretations - but after reading the chapters 18 - 31 these are chapters where it comes to the core of his thoughts I can honestly say that this is the best theory I read since I started being interested in this case.

Vladimir Borzenkov analysis of Krivonischenko frame The notorious frame 34 has been a favorite subject of wild conspiracy theory ambassadors but never backed up with real photography facts.

Vladimir Borzenkov believes that there is nothing mysterious in this frame and here his take on the specifics of the photo. He himself is a Dyaltov Pass tragedy researcher and an avid photographer which makes it a very good start for the discussion.

Vladimir Askinadzi memoirs of the events in It was convenient for the authorities to let out a rumor about the missile version, because this version justified all the secrecy surrounding this case.

It somehow calmed people and even relatives of the deceased. This version was taking the search away from the real truth.

Aluminum construction more than one square meter was found four years ago. As experts explained, a similar "waffle" design is used on the rocket tanks for durability.

Head of the Dyatlov Foundation is one of the adamant defenders of the rocket version of the tragedy on Dyatlov Pass.

The rocket theory. Unsuccessful military trials could have caused the death of Dyatlov group in Komsomolskaya pravda and Channel 1 are investigating.

Photos kindly provided by Dyatlov Pass tragedy researcher Vladimir Borzenkov WAB. Semyon Zolotaryov second DNA results show a match, but can not exclude his brother Nikolay.

Second examination, this time conducted by such an authoritative scholar as Pavel Ivanov, showed that the DNA of the person buried under the sign "Semyon Zolotaryov" matches the DNA of his niece.

But this fact does not exclude the version of other researchers suspected that under the name of Semyon his brother Nikolay could be buried, who, according to archival documents, worked with the Germans and disappeared without a trace during the war.

Therefore, we can not yet put a end on this investigation. Tibo broken wings. Russian engineer. Great-grandson of a French architect.

An emotional interview of Maria Piskareva with Anna Ermolaeva - Nikolay Thibeaux-Brignolle second cousin, Marina Evgenyevna Kazantseva, and her brother Sergey Evgenyevich Kazantsev.

The history of the Thibeaux family. Memories of Kolya. Questions about the identification of Kolya's belongings. His date of birth. Similarities with Chivruay tragedy Dyatlov Pass search and rescue operation was unprecedented and was surpassed only 14 years later by the Chivruay tragedy on January 23, There quite a few similarities that are pointed out between the two tragic events.

DNA results show this is not Zolotaryov. This is huge implication on Dyatlov case. If Semyon Zolotaryov is not buried at the Ivanovskoe Cemetery in Yekaterinburg, then who?

And where did Zolotaryov go from the scene of the tragedy? Or where did the body of Semyon Zolotaryov go? Funerals in May - 59 years to the day.

Vasilii Zyadik is 3D designer from Nizhnevartovsk, city in Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Okrug, Russia. I was looking for tank models for another project when I noticed where he lives.

Very exited, at the edge of my chair I asked him if he has heard of Dyatlov Pass. This is his response. He said that he wanted to get to work as texture, and this his his first model where he uses snow.

I wish him a very good life and career as a 3D designer. This 3D model is specially created for dyatlovpass. Researchers of Dyatlov Pass trying to locate the ravine.

The documents in the case file are pointing to different dates for when bodies of Dubinina, Zolotaryov, Kolevatov and Thibeaux-Brignolle are found.

The place seem to be well photographed, but you will be surprised how many discussions currently exist on the fact where exactly is this location.

Expeditions go, measure and build theories and models. Here are some of them. Galina Sazonova participant in Zolotaryov's exhumation.

Sergey Nikitin's conclusion is "it was one single impact, Zolotarev was laying on the back at that moment scapula fractures " I don't agree.

I suppose its could be two successive blows. First results of the exhumation of the body of Semyon Zolotaryov. First results of exhumation of the body of Semyon Zolotaryov conducted on 12 April shows that this is indeed him.

The skull superimposition performed by expert Sergey Nikitin matched 13 points of max 24 only 12 are needed to declare perfect fit.

The speculations are now that a large mass of snow had collapsed on top of the hikers while they were hiding in the den.

It couldn't have happened in the tent because while Zolotaryov could have mustered the strength being a war veteran and sports coach in excellent physical shape Dubinina's and Brignolle's injuries would have prevented them to move or be moved in any manner.

Who is buried in the Zolotaryov's grave? In the following days KP will conduct an examination of the DNA of the person buried under Zolotaryov's obelisk to establish his kinship with the alleged nephews.

And also KP will study together with experts fractures of the ribs of Semyon. It turned out that the autopsy reports don't quite match the injuries they found during the excavation.

In , going on that fateful journey through the Northern Ural, Semyon Zolotaryov announced enigmatically to his students "this whole world will start talking about this trek.

Kizilov Gennadiy - the search operation was a farce, the crime scene was staged. Kizilov Gennadiy Ivanovich, a journalist from Yekaterinburg, is the first one and most avid advocates of the staged crime scene theory.

He points out some major inconsistencies and conflicting testimony of witnesses and rescue team and says that this speaks of something much more sinister that sloppy investigation and that Dyatlov group have witnessed some secret trials or experiments that no one was supposed to see, and were deliberately liquidated by military forces.

In search of the missing Yak - interview with widow of YaK pilot Gennadiy Patrushev. In the aftermath of the terrible tragedy and the mystery surrounding it, year-old Sverdlovsk pilot Gennadiy Patrushev made an independent investigation into the causes of the death of the Dyatlov group.

He knew personally the students, met them in Ivdel, he warned them about the danger of the route to Otorten and he also first discovered their bodies on the mountainside.

According to his widow Valeriya Nikolaevna her husband's YaK was sabotaged burri what he had found about the deaths of Dyatlov group. Peak - interview with Yak pilot and An-2 senior navigator Georgiy Karpushin.

In Georgiy Karpushin was the senior navigator of the rd flight detachment of the Ural Civil Aviation Administration.

According to him, he was the first to spot the tent of dead hikers. Straight by the tent, a corpse of a woman lay judging by her long hair.

A little further away lay another body. Karpushin fills an unknown page of an old tragic history, although it is in many respects at odds with the well-known versions.

Another trek to Otorten cancelled two days after Dyatlov group passed through city of Serov. At the same time Dyatlov group spent Jan 24 in Serov.

Two days after they took the train to Ivdel Lyudmila Borisovna got a telegram that their trek has been rerouted to Isherim.

We are currently adding information to the Google map and that's why all layers show. You can uncluttered your view by selecting and deselecting the layers from the icon to the left.

Major chest fractures; missing eye balls. Official statement for closing the case given by Junior Counselor of Justice and Criminal Prosecutor of Sverdlovsk region, Lev Ivanov:.

The deaths of the expedition members were due to a series of mistakes by Dyatlov. On 1 February he began the ascent to the summit at 3 PM, even though he knew about the difficulty of the terrain.

So the group found themselves on the eastern slope of Peak They used what was left of the daylight to ascend to the summit in strong winds which are typical for this area and low temperatures of minus 25 degrees centigrade.

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Mass psychosis, ice slabs, nuclear fallout, UFOs and a Yeti, the Dyatlov Pass Incident, named for the year-old leader of this failed camping trip, remains one of the 20th century's deepest mysteries. The mystery concerns nine friends who traveled into the Russian wilderness to reach Mount Ortorten in and never came back. The mystery of Dyatlov Pass has been solved after 61 years, as Russian prosecutors rule the skiers died of hypothermia after stripping off their clothes and fleeing in terror. Led by year-old. Buryatia Dyatlov Pass Today, August 5, , is an anniversary of another mysterious incident in the mountains with multiple deaths and strange behavior. This one even has a real survivor who went through the whole ordeal. The Dyatlov Pass Incident (a.k.a. Devil's Pass), a film directed by Renny Harlin, was released on 28 February in Russia and 23 August in the U.S. It follows five American students retracing the steps of the victims, but, being a work of fiction, makes several changes in describing the initial events, e.g., inverting names of victims. What really happened to the hikers at the " Dyatlov Pass " prompted wild speculations that range from a blizzard, serial killer, animal attacks, secret weapons, a military cover-up, gravity. They also reported that the Zdf Media had been ripped or cut open from within in the rear Was Denken Männer Beim Sex the tent. Part 2. An avalanche that could sweep 4 people beyond Teppichboden Online tree line some 1. The question is whether the answer to this mystery could be an Infrasound phenomenon! Based on her stories and documents, which she managed to save, he collected unique information about the life of the eldest son Nikolay Vavilov. Retrieved 27 December Karpushin fills an unknown page of an old tragic history, although it is in many respects at odds with the Djatlov Pass versions. Candidate of Historical Sciences Yakov Grigoryevich Rokityansky, biographer of Vavilov, for many years sought evidence of the life of Oleg Vavilov. Slobodin's body was later found in the snow underneath a cedar tree. The management has also complaints against Andrey Kuryakov, that using his official position, he tried to influence the replacement of the prosecutor of Yekaterinburg. The group takes a photo with other hikers from a Gute Action Komödie group at the rest stop at the 41st District. Culture Science Sheds Light on Russia's Dyatlov Pass Mystery Derya Ozdemir.

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Djatlov Pass

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Januar in Swerdlowsk, dem heutigen Jekaterinburgzusammen und reisten per Zug über Serow nach Iwdelder nördlichsten Stadt der Oblast Swerdlowsk, Textedit sie in der Nacht vom
Djatlov Pass
Djatlov Pass KG Bürgermeister-Wegele-Str. Jetzt verschenken. Der Führer ihrer Gruppe, ein abergläubischer Mann aus einem benachbarten Dorf, hält dies für das Werk von Yetis, Schneemenschen. Die Landschaft, Filme 1987 Schnee Kg Frohsinn die bedrohliche Umgebung sind exzellent in Szene gesetzt.


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